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Sow The Seed is a  non- profit (501c-3) organization that is multi-faceted to provide shelter, food, education, clothing and medical needs to various needy children, women, and men from destitute background in India and Cuba. All of Sow The Seed’s programs are based out of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India and in the Caribean we provide support to several  groups working  in  Cuba. 

In India , children especially females endure difficult childhood , when they come from a poor family. Females are considered a financial burden when they have to get married as the family have to give dowry to the husband’s family.


About a third of the world's poor live in India, hundreds of millions of people across the country still live with poverty, unhygienic living conditions, and without access to clean drinking water . With your help we are able to provide the resources necessary in order to drill clean water wells.

They Need Us

Sow The Seed provides support throughout the community as follows:

  • Distribute of rice and clothing to the poor and pensions to the widowed

  • Dig wells in drought areas

  • Help to HIV/AIDS victims

  • Conduct medical camps

  • Distribute medical , dental  supplies , eye glasses

  • Help develop small industries like  sewing machines to poverty stricken families

  • Provide relief for emergencies

  • Support 35 missionary families

  • Help  in the rural Indian villages and in poor colonies

  • Train national workers

  • Youth Camps and programs

  • Education for Children

  • Educational Seminars

In India, women endure much hardship when their husbands die and become widows. Women become shunned out of society and become abandoned by their families simply because they are widows. When their husbands die they are expected to burn themselves with their husbands as if their life has no value without their male counterpart. For these individual, we help by:

Feeding Program - At Sow The Seed’s “soup kitchen”, meals are provided daily to those 200 women and children (and more). The women and children that eat at the soup kitchen count themselves lucky if they can find a hot meal even once a day. We also provide food to families in need as well.

Orphanage - So, at Sow The Seed Children’s housing and feeding program provides a permanent safe haven called the Home Care Center to over 60 girls and boys that were rescued from their ill-fate as poverty stricken orphans and from the sex slave trade that is so prominent in India. Up to this day, the number continues to grow. These children that reside are not allowed to be adopted to any family for fear of that family coercing them back into the sex slave world for money.

Special Help for Recovery - In addition to giving these girls all the basics, the rescued girls are given special counseling to help them recover from their trauma.

Education and Trade – Sow The Seed strives to give these children a future in which they can support themselves on their own through various trades they learn here with Sow The Seed Children’s Home. Trade School for adults are also available here to give them a skill so they can provide for their own.

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